Myths, Legends and Traditional Costumes of Greece

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SUBTITLES: a) The twelve labours of Heracles and the journeys he had to make in order to accomplish them

                   b) Daedalus and Icarus

                   c) Traditional costumes of Greece



AIM OF THE PROJECT: The specific aim of our project is to encourage studies of myths as well as to be a stimulus for our e-twinning partnership with the school of CEIP MARQUES DEL ARCO in Segovia ? Spain.


THE OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT: The purpose of this project is to:

? improve the students? listening, speaking and writing skills of the English myths and legends and as a result to enhance it more.

? help them to use technology (internet, visuals, realia etc.)

? encourage them act out whatever they have learnt in accordance with the subject and so to be more motivated

?make the participants recognize the moral meanings of the myths

?help them once more to learn the different kinds of male and female traditional costumes and understand their symbolism.


The project involves, except for the English Language, other subjects as Greek History, Music, Art, Geography, Theatre, Mathematics, Science and Informatics.


The accomplishment of the project includes visits to museums and archaeological sites, too.