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You can use small objects to demonstrate the words which are common in the foreign language (in this case English) and in the language to be taught (in this case Hungarian). 


The well-known "Snakes and Ladders" board game in a DIY variation can be used with these small objects as well. If a player lands on a square with an object on it, he/she has to name the object or use it in a sentence. If the sentence is correct, the player can stay there if not than he/she has to go back to the starting point. The rest of the rules is the same as in Snakes and Ladders.

3 FLASHCARDS (WORDS) drawn by the children



 4 FLASHCARDS (SENTENCES) drawn by the children

The farmer is watching TV in the museum...

 5. A set of pictures that could be used for different types of tasks: introducing the new vocabulary, playing the game “What is missing?”, grouping up the related words and singing the song while using the names of the objects as lyrics.













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