Unfortunately the English and the Spanish team were not able participate in the fourth Teaching and Training Activity which took place in Adana, Turkey in March 2018.

With the support of the Hungarian School, The English team were able to go to Budapest, Hungary in April to take part in peer teaching, job shadowing and be updated on the meeting in Turkey.

The delegates met the headteacher, the Erasmus team and the staff and held several meetings to compare the educational systems, the curriculum and share good practice. They also discussed the difficulties that their schools faces (support for English as a second languages (EAL) children in the English school, behaviour problems, financial difficulties, E-safety, etc).

The English team also had the opportunity to meet with Hungarian children and learn about their opinion of the educational system and learning a foreign language. All children spoke fluent English, were highly motivated and understood the benefits of acquiring a foreign language.

The delegates observed and participated in different lessons and had the opportunity to assess and discuss their experience with the Hungarian colleagues.

To gain an even deeper insight into the Hungarian educational system they visited the Children`s House (a special school for children with special needs).

Ildiko Jaro, the Hungarian Erasmus+ project manager, gave a detailed update about the meetings in Turkey. The participants discussed the methodology file and the curriculum, talked about possible teaching materials and visual aids. The English team shared their experiences of the ININPRO method when they tried it out in Year 6 classes to teach French to English speaking children and the ways they used this method to support newcomer EAL children in school.

On the weekend they took part in cultural activities, including visiting the Parliament, boat trip on the Danube, sightseeing in Budapest and the nearby town, Szentendre.

At the end of the visit evaluation was carried out by all participants and the next steps planned.