Refreshed after the Christmas holidays, the Spanish team wanted to dedicate a large part of our entrance hall to the individuality of each participating country. In order to do this, we meet several times to decide how students, teachers and parents could participate in the display.

We decided that each grade would do a country study about one of the countries on the project. Each grade would investigate different areas of study related to the school, city and country. Dividing the work up between Literacy, Science and Arts and Crafts class, students looked for information related to languages spoken, currency used, population of the city and country, student body of the school, popular sports played in the school, interesting landmarks in the city/country and city flags,etc.

Our preschool students helped participate by coloring flags of all of the participating countries to use as decoration for the display.

In addition to the work done in class, we thought it was important to involve the families by asking for their help as well. We thought it would be interesting to ask for pictures to be sent in of the families visiting any of the countries participating in our project. The response was overwhelming and we were able to include many pictures of our students with their families on vacation the partner countries.