This month was a very exciting period for a group of the Hungarian children and their teachers. 

They had the chance to visit the English partner school in Guildford and prove how the ININPRO method - they have experienced and used from the beginning of their language learning process - works in practice.

They took part in Bushy Hill Junior School's life actively, gave presentations on Hungary, Budapest and their school in front of an audience of about 200 native English speakers. embarassedThey did it very well and their teachers were very proud of their knowledge of English.

They were involved in the life of the school's "Eco Club" and spoke about the Hungarian Eco Schools' system together with the practice of preserving the environment in the Hungarian school. They took part in the "Marvelous Monday" craft activities and presented five activities in connection of recycling.


During the week the Hungarian children stayed with host families and enjoyed the hospitality of the families and the school. In this way they had the chance to practise their English in the most effective way. They also had the opportunity to see the most important sights of London and Hampton Court and learn a bit more about British culture on the spot.