December is another busy month of the year. Besides the Christmas preparations we advertised the LOGO competition for our pupils. We hadn't thought about it earlier but it seemed to be a great idea to get more kids involved in the project, especially the little ones who were very enthusiastic about finding a nice logo for our project. The Spanish school sent out the call you can see below and arranged the "competition"!




C.E.I.P. Biling?e”Montecanal”      




  1. Contest objective:

The aim of this contest is the selection of an idea to create a logo for the Erasmus+ Project “Here we come!” in which our school is taking part. The selected logo will identify every activity done in the project, such as advertising, communication, publications, printed material, signs, etc.

Each participating country in the “ Here we come!” Project (Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Great Britain annd Spain) will carry out the same contest in their school.

  1. Contestants:

Any student from the school will be able to participate. The contestants will be allowed to send only one proposal.

  1. Proposal presentation form:

Each proposal, which may include one single design, must be sent in the form provided to the students with all the information filled in.

  1. Submission place and deadline:

The proposal must be submitted in the Primary building hall mailbox placed for this contest. The final day to submit the proposal is 3rd of February 2017.

  1. Jury

One logo will be selected in each school and out of these 6 preselected logos, a jury, made up of the coordinators of the project in each country, will vote on the winner.

6. Evaluation criteria.

The artistic values, symbolism and the capacity of representation and communication of the logo will be decisive aspects to choose the winning proposal.