Most of the participant schools finish their school year in June, so it was a busy time everywhere.  At the same time the exchange of messages accelerated in connection of the interim report.

We got the evaluation results from the visited schools and discussed them with our colleagues.

Some words were added to the VOCABULARY section - it is not finished yet but it's interesting to compare the collections.

The Hungarian pupils finished their preparation for their visit to Guildford, England and are very excited about their trip.


Pyrgos- Greece

European Educational Programmes (Erasmus+)

On June 19th of 2017 a conference entitled "Erasmus+,Widening the Horizons of the Educational Process " took place in the Assembly Hall of our Prefecture of Pyrgos Ilias with the participation of those schools involved in both KA1 and KA2 Erasmus projects.

Our school presented the "Here We Come!" project with a great success.

Mrs Marianthi Kotadaki- our English Language Consultant and Mrs Eleni Sarli liable to promoting European Programmes, were also present at the Conference.

They elevated the value of the above programmes and they encouraged the audience as well ,to spread a good word about Erasmus Projects.