The first Transnational Project Meeting took place in Budapest, Hungary between 13 and 19 October and 17 guests from 4 countries took part in it. Unfortunately the Turkish team couldn't be present for administrative problems, their National Agency didn't sign their contract in time and they couldn't buy their plane tickets. 

Besides the school visits, job shadowing and discussions we had a conference on language teaching where the project coordinator introduced the first tutoring film in connection with our 'ININPRO' method (Initial Interlingual Project). Hungarian second and third graders were taught English for the first time without any knowledge of English. The words they had to recognize were either International English words (e.g.: sandwich, hotel, hot dog...) or English words similar to their Hungarian equivalents (e.g: elephant, tiger, kangaroo, fridge...). Children could pick up the meaning of the sentences very quickly and enjoyed the activities. At the same time they had the feeling that they had already known a lot in English and it seemed to be a good motivation for their future language learning.

We organised an exhibition in the school assembly hall from the children's drawings used as flashcards in the lessons.


During the planning sessions we discussed the future tasks and the outline of our website. We also discussed the next meeting's programme in Spain.


Besides these guests had some cultural and gastro cultural programmes, a guided tour in the city and some relaxing time in a Turkish bath.

As a final event a folk programme was presented from each country's folk dances.






13 October


14 October


15 October


16 October


17 October


18 October


19 October

Morning activities





10:00 School visit with pupils

(Ecumenical Primary School)


Lithuanian group arrives at 12:10


Conference on language teaching at the local Cultural Centre

10:00 Sight seeing tour by bus

(Buda side ?

Castle Hill, Matthias Church)

8:00 School visit

(Children's House ? school for children

with special needs) observing lessons, meeting teachers and leadership

School visit

(Ecumenical Primary School) observing lessons, meeting teachers and leadership

Lithuanian group leaves at 9:05


Market Hall in town, inner city tour on foot (optional)

Lunch time


13:30 Lunch at school

12:30 Buffet lunch

13:30 Lunch in a Hungarian ?home restaurant?


13:30 Lunch at school

13:30 Lunch at school

Snacks in town

Afternoon activities


14:00 Welcome meeting in the library, discussing the project plans



Conference goes on


16:00 Gell?rt Hill

(by Bus)

Sight seeing tour by bus (Pest side ? Heroes' Square, City Park, Basilica)

15:00 Local sights

16:30 Parliament visit

Planning ahead,


Spanish group leaves at 15:25

Evening activities

Greek group arrives at 16.45 on

12 October

Spanish group arrives at 19:55

English group arrives at 20:55

19:00-22:00 Sightseeing by boat on the Danube - dinner included

18:00 Rudas Turkish bath ? with view on the city ? dinner included

Free evening

18:30 Dinner at colleagues

18:00 Farewell party in school

Greek group leaves at 17:30


English group leaves at 18:50




After our first visit to Hungary all the countries were given explanations concerning their future tasks for the project "Here We Come!". Greece would be responsible for the construction of the project's website.

In our return to Greece we made known our first trip to the local newspaper "ΠΑΤΡΙΣ" and they were very kind to publish a few words about it.